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“The fiesta of vivid bright hues gives way to excitement and transports us into a happier place”

Color-Buckket was born in 2015 in the colourful Jaipur City of Rajasthan with the dream of pushing the limits of clothing design. Invigorating designs and prints that help you celebrate your passion for art, your penchant for retro and your love for all the seasons. Embedded in the Indian culture of vibrancy, prints and designs by Color-Buckket reflect a passion for brilliant designs in deep illustration and a strong appreciation for all things creative. Each of Color-Buckket’s prints are beautiful and vibrant that people won't be able to help but stare in excitement or surprise.

Our vision is to revolutionize clothing by making it colorful, vibrant and trendy with comfort and style that allows you to make a statement. With the commitment of high quality products and client servicing, at Color-Buckket we strive to deliver amazing prints that tell a story, strengthen style and inspire clothing that appeals to the human sense of wonder.

Color-Buckket designs to satiate the fashion desires of the people who believe in making or breaking the trends, who don’t fear to experiment, who don’t shy away from following their heart, and the ones who firmly believe in wearing what defines the quirky side of their personalities.

Style up your essentials with every day inspiration that goes behind our creative ideas through wide range of printed Shirts, T-Shirts, Pocket Squares, Blazers, Boxers, Tie, Shorts, Skirts, Maxi Dresses, Scarves and a lot more.

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Men's Slim Fit
S (36) 28” 39.5” 36.5” 39” 17” 24.5” 14.5” 15”
M (38) 28” 41.5” 39.5” 42” 17.5” 25.5” 16” 15”
L (40) 28.5” 44” 41.5” 44” 18.5” 25.5” 17” 16”
XL (42) 28.5” 47” 44” 46” 19” 26” 18” 16.5”
XXL (44) 31” 49” 48” 49” 19.5” 26.5” 19” 17”